J&D's baconlube [2.0 oz]

Be a bacon lover with this overpowering smelling bacon lube
flavored oral water-based

$ 10.50
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Made by J&Ds a company better known for its bacon-flavored foods, brings you a rather peculiar addition: baconlube.

Bottom Line

Unless you are buying this as a gag gift, or have a serious bacon fetish, we'd recommend you stay far away. The smell can be overpowering, and while resembling bacon only vaguely. The taste is a bit better, definitely tasting more like bacon then it smells. The quality of the actual lubrication is poor at best.

How to Use

To use this lube, you just need to press some product out of the bottle on your fingers and apply wherever you desire to lick. This lube is also good for massaging. We recommend to use this lubricant for oral.


- Fun gag gift.
- Good for oral if you are a bacon addict. Actual bacon flavor.


- Smell is not so great.
- Very basic lubricant properties.

Product Attributes

We use 6 main attributes that guide us into evaluating a good lube. The attributes are: 1) How healthy it is for you 2) Consistency 3) Durability 4) Slickness 5) Taste and 6) Smell. We weight each one of these attributes to build the overall score for each lubricant. Learn more about our product review methodology.



J&D's Bacon Lube is water-based and in general safe, without any particular health claim. Works as a basic lubricant for vaginal use, and it's completely edible. I tried it for both purposes without any negative reactions. It is safe for latex condoms.



J&D's Bacon Lube has a gel consistency, good for rubbing your body and for licking.



This lubricant will last less than 5 minutes with high friction. After that you'd need to re-apply.



J&D's Bacon Lube has a slippery feel, good for any purpose. After it dries off it becomes a little sticky, but you can easily clean it with water and soap.



It's hard to believe that a bacon flavored lube can actually taste like bacon, or good at all, but this does. Our team was quite surprised. At first you think it might not taste great because the smell is not so good, but just lick it and you will be surprised. We are sure you will have a great, taste experience in bed like never before with this lube. Use it for morning (breakfast) sex. Remember it's vegan, so you can have your vegan / vegetarian partner to try it.



The smell resembles bacon only vaguely, it's best just to skip the smelling and go straight to tasting.

TSA approved travel size, press bottle, 3oz.

Water, Gycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Saccharin, Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid
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