Lube is the short word to refer to lubricant. And what is lubricant? It can mean different things in different context, but in general, lubricant is a substance, generally oil or grease, used to reduce friction between two surfaces that are in contact. When we speak about lubricant used in sex, it’s commonly referred to ‘personal lubricant’ or ‘intimate lubricant’. So when someone talks about ‘lube’ they mean a product used to reduce friction while having vaginal or anal intercourse. But lube is a lot more than that.

So why do people use lube? Traditionally, people used lubricant to address a common condition: vaginal dryness. At some age, women stop lubricating as much as they used to, so lubricant comes handy to help the cause and make sex still comfortable and pleasurable. But lube is now used for many other reasons, by people who know how to make the most out of their intimate life, of all ages. Using lube makes a huge difference, it can make anyone’s sexual life better. Anyone who has tried lube can tell you how it makes wonders to their sex life. The reason is simple: less friction, silky smooth feel, better sensations.

Why do people use lube?

Here are some of the main uses of lube as part of people’s intimate lives:

  • Lube makes vaginal sex more pleasurable for woman at any age. It makes penetration more comfortable and painless.
  • A great ally for your solo times. Lube is awesome for masturbation. It will make you enjoy your lonely time like nothing else.
  • If you are into anal, you must know about lube already. Lube is what makes anal an enjoyable experience.
  • It is great for body rubs, sexy body massages. Lube can be applied in any part of your body.
  • Some lubricants help you increase your chances of pregnancy.
  • Post-menopausal women and women who just gave birth can get great benefits from lube too.

So let’s dethrone the myth about lube being necessarily only to ‘fix’ a condition. It’s not just that. It’s an awesome product you should try if you want to enjoy yourself and your partner, at any age, with any sexual orientation really. Lube is good for vaginal sex, of course for anal too and there are even flavored lubes for a great oral. They are also a great ally in foreplay for sexy massages and there are even some stimulant lubricants to help women and men be more aroused and reach more pleasure.

What sorts of lube are out there?

There are many different kinds of lubricant in the market. Most commonly lubes can be classified by their composition:

Lubes can also be classified by their functionality. Some of them not only lubricate, but serve other special purposes such as:

Is lube healthy?

You might be wondering how healthy lube is for your body. We can tell you it’s generally very safe and it’s more likely going to help you than do any harm. It’s just a matter of choosing the right type and brand, according to your very own needs. As we said, water-based is general the healthiest for the vagina and anus.

Always read the labels before using any product, and make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient. It’s a good idea to apply a little on your arm when you first get it to make sure it doesn’t cause an allergy on you.

How is lube applied?

Applying lubricant is very easy. Each brand has their own specific instructions on how to apply. But in general it’s just a matter of getting some on your fingers and rubbing them on the desired area / cavity. As easy as that. You can re-apply as you need. Applying lube can and should be part of foreplay and making things even sexier. Gently massaging your partner’s intimate areas or a good body rub will always be a great turn on. There’s also an option of using a lubricant shooter or syringe in order to introduce it deep in the anal or vaginal cavity, for better results. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

Don’t miss out! Get some lube and try it out with your partner. We are sure you both will love it and make sure you always have a bottle in your night table. Wetter is better!