A lube shooter is a syringe used to inject intimate lubricant all the way in the vagina or more commonly the anal cavity. There are other names to refer to a lube shooter, all of them mean about the same: lube launcher, lube applicator, lube syringe or lube injector.

This is what they look like:

Lube shooters consist of three pieces: 1) a thin tube, which will contain the lube, 2) a plunger part and 3) a rubber end cap, to allow the pre-load of the tube. Most lube shooters have finger grips for a convenient insertion and shooting.

Lube shooters measure around 5 inches of length and the applicator diameter, what goes inside of the cavity, is about ½ inch, really thin indeed.

Why use a lube shooter?

The reason is simple, sometimes you want to apply lubricant deep inside of one of your cavities, for optimal lubrication, and a lube shooter can get this done effectively and with no mess.

Lube shooters are more widely used to apply lube in the anal area. The anus is not a self lubricating area like the vagina, so if you are putting anything in there it’s highly recommended supplement lubrication, and a lube launcher will do the application task easy. The anal sphincter is generally really tight and if you try put the lubricant inside with just your finger, most lube might just get cut at the opening, not going far enough as you want it for comfortable sex. We highly recommend to use a lube shooter if you are going to explore the backdoor.

How do lube shooters work?

  1. Remove the plunger from the tube.
  2. Fill the lube shooter with your preferred lube. If the bottle of your lube allows it, you can just stick the lube shooter inside of it and plunge the lube up or you can pour the lube at the top hole of the tube.
  3. Once the lube shooter is full and ready, remove the rubber cap that closes the applicator, and make sure to remove the air from the shooter.
  4. Insert it in your anus (or vagina), without pressing the plunger part until the tube is all the way in.
  5. Only then, when the tube is completely in, press the plunger slowly to inject the lube inside of the cavity. Doing it this way you can make sure it goes as deep in as it should go.

Some lube shooters are made to be used just one time (disposable) and you should discard them after use. Always read and follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Which are the best lube shooters?

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