coconut oil as lube
Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the kernel (or meat) of coconut. It is an edible and high in saturated fat content. It’s very popular in today’s kitchens, as a food ingredient or to cook, and also for personal use as a skin moisturizer. Most of us know coconut oil and have heard of many good uses we can give to it. There is an ongoing craze about coconut oil being used for all sort of purposes, for food, health and beauty. You might have heard about it being good to be used as lube in sex. After all, it’s natural, can it do any harm?

Pros of coconut oil as lube

Cons of coconut oil as lube

Final Recommendation

There’s always a chance that you might be allergic to it. So as you should do with any lubricant you try, first apply some in your arm or leg, to make sure you don’t get any negative reaction, before you get intimate with it.

We believe coconut oil is awesome for eating and for some beauty applications. But we believe it’s not worth the risk putting it in your vagina / anal cavity. There are a lot of healthy, FDA approved options of lubricant in the market that are especially designed for this purpose (intimate lubrication), that are not so expensive and you could try. We invite you to check out our section of vaginal and anal lubes for recommendations on the best brands.

Also, unless you are in a stable relationship or married, you are not supposed to have sex without a condom, and as we said, coconut oil is not compatible with them, another big reason to stay away from it.

Coconut oil is awesome to be used for body massages and masturbation. We just think it is better kept away from the internal cavities.

Which one should I buy?

If you are resolved to try coconut oil, here some ideas to go on.

The coconut oil we’re talking about is the same you find in the supermarket and use for cooking. We just recommend you to get one that is organic and virgin (or unrefined). Virgin coconut oil generally refers to coconut oil which hasn’t been processed (bleached, deodorized or refined).

Make sure the one you buy doesn’t content any added ingredients. It generally doesn’t, but make sure to always check the labels.

Here we recommend you the top 3 brands for this purpose:

Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

16 oz / $10.25

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Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

54 oz / $16.14

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Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

54 oz / $29.88

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We also recommend these coconut oil-based commercial lubricants, which are great for masturbation:

How to apply coconut oil as lube?

When you take it out of the jar it’s best to use a spoon and not scoop it out with your fingers, since you might contaminate the whole product. Always keep the jar closed when you’re not using it. A little is good, you don’t need too much. Half of a teaspoon if a good quantity to get started.

Even though coconut oil is generally solid in a jar, it has a low melting point, so as soon as you rub it in your hands it will melt and be good to apply. Rub it in the body parts as you desire.


Coconut oil generally lasts about 6 months before it starts going rancid. If you notice that it smells off or any change in the smell, it’s best to discard the product. Another warning sign is if you see the coconut oil starts changing color, turning yellowish. It’s very likely that it has become rancid, so discard it.