About Slickn.com

Last Updated: January 2016.

How do you test the products?

We buy each product and test it ourselves for the variety of purposes it can be used: traditional intercourse, greek (anal) sex, toys (dildos) and hand job. We also take into account other user reviews that are shared with us. If you have anything to add, please feel free to contact us, we'd be glad to include your contributions.

How is the score for each lubricant obtained?

We give each lube a score from 1-5 stars, regarding the evaluation of 6 main attributes that any lube should have. These attributes and the weight each one has in the overall score are:

  1. Healthiness (40%)
  2. Consistency (20%)
  3. Durability (15%)
  4. Slickness (15%)
  5. Taste (5%)
  6. Smell (5%)


We say a lube is healthy is it’s good for you. We evaluate this by checking the ingredients and negative reactions shown by the use of it in our field test or reported by users. In general, hypoallergenic lubes are always healthier, since they’re less likely to give you a negative reaction. It’s important though to remember that everyone is different, so you should be aware of any allergies you might have, and try a new lube with caution. Always read the labels of the actual product to be sure of what it contains.


Consistency is the degree of density or viscosity of the lubricant. It describes if the lube is a cream, a gel or liquid. It also tells us about how solid it is. For a lube, this is important because people have many different tastes and objectives for a lube. We evaluate consistency based on what the product says it is compared to what it actually is. For example, if it says it’s a gel, and in reality it feels like it, we will give it a good rating.


Durability is about how long the effect of the lubricant lasts after applying it. We expect a good lube to last long enough so that you can finish the whole act without needing to re-apply more lube, so this is how we evaluate this attribute, if the lubricant lasts through a session (intercourse or solo game) of an average of 10 minutes.


When we talk about slickness, we refer to how smooth, glossy and slippery the feel of the lube is when it makes contact with your skin. After all, lube’s main purpose is to make friction easy, so we want it very soft, glossy, smooth, to conquer your senses. When a lube gets sticky after a while, or even worse, since the start, we assess it low in slickness.


We evaluate taste based on the actual claim of the lube. If the lube claims a fruity flavor, we evaluate it high if It actually does. If a lube states that it’s flavorless and it is, plus doesn’t have an unpleasant flavor, we evaluate it high too. We give a bad taste rating when a lube claims a certain taste and it is not so great in reality.


Just as we evaluate taste, we also evaluate smell based on the product claims of smell. If it says it smells like chocolate and it actually has a delicious chocolate taste, we rate it high. Those lubes that are not supposed to have a smell and in fact they don’t, nor have an unpleasant smell, get a high score in smell too.

How may I contact you?

If you have any question, suggestion or complaint it can be directed to contact@slickn.com. We will be glad to hear from you.